Polaroid 600

My latest gadget is the beautiful and big vintage camera Mamiya Polaroid 600. I love the feel of the analogue camera - the sound when you press the trigger, the feel of pulling out the polaroid and the magical moment when you pull it apart to see the instant result. My latest fashion shoot is shot with this camera - I love that there is only room for one exposure per set. Everything has to be just perfect before the shutter is pressed. There is no room for re-framing or shooting over again. There is only one picture, frozen in time forever.

Cooper & Gorfer: The Weather Diaries

I recently discovered the interesting photographer duo Cooper & Gorfer reading OAK Magazine. They just finished a big project for The Nordic Fashion Biennale and their painterly photographs are exhibited at the Black Diamond in Copenhagen until 21st of March. An exhibition not to be missed by anyone with an interest in fashion, art or photography.

Over the past two years, Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer have travelled in the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland to explore the impact of local traditions and surroundings on the individual creativities of native fashion designers. Together with the exhibition the duo released a beautiful coffee table book; ‘The Weather Diaries’. The book is filled with big, stunning photographs and I can look through it over and over again and still discover something new.

Go before it is too late!

The process behind 'Alter Ego'

My latest shoot ‘Alter Ego’ is inspired by the relationship between two identical twins. As a part of my research-process I interviewed pairs of twins to get a picture of their relationship. I ended up creating four photographs and a short video.

I think that there is a lot of power in colors, and I used colors to reinforce the feelings in the photographs. To create a dreamy atmosphere, I painted three different backgrounds.

I used to paint a lot before I picked up on photography, so finally I could make some good use of my acrylic leftovers that were tucked away in our basement. I used a big sponge, a plastic bag and a big brush to create different textures on each background. Painting 6 x 2,5 meters of backgrounds were FUN! Mixing the paint with water creates a nice layer and it speeds up the process.

The photographs are shot outside in one of Copenhagen’s parks to take advantage of the natural light and to make an interesting contrast between the surreal and natural.

Tomorrows Journal Issue 9

In May I had the pleasure of assisting one of Scandinavia´s top fashion photographers, Signe Vilstrup on an editorial for Tomorrows Journal. With a focus on jewelry she created a stunning series of photographs titled ‘Queen Elizabeth´s Bath’. Henrik Haue did the amazing hairstyling and Sidsel Marie Bøg is the Make Up Artist behind the shoot. Finally the photographs can be seen in the newly released Tomorrows Journal #9.